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11 Oct 2021
Why would you want to have a home mod mentor? A business mentor offers you support and information, and keeps you from making mistakes.
3 Aug 2021
What a good accessible home modification process looks like and how we addressed and corrected a home modification failure from a previous contractor.
13 Jul 2021
Ready to market your home modification business? Start with your offer and putting yourself out there to draw potential clients to your business.
15 Jun 2021
If you are starting or running a home modification business, it is important to protect your assets. That means insurance, but your business requires unique types of insurance.
30 Mar 2021
You can love being an OT and still feel less effective than you’d like because of restrictive regulations and red tape. Overcome those obstacles and do what you love when you start a home modification business.
27 Apr 2021
As an experienced OT, you’re ready to start a home modification business. Begin to take steps towards your business by creating your mission and vision.
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