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Learn the essential skills you need to build your own home modification consulting business.

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Here's what you can expect inside the
home mod mentor course

  • A forum to communicate, challenge and learn with other students

    Gain access to a supportive community where you are able to ask questions and get feedback from the home mod mentor team, as well as other OTs.

  • Monthly group training on new topics regarding accessibility and business development
    This is a chance to come together and learn as a group with live Q&A sessions.
  • Continuous access and materials
    Get continued access to the members-only training modules.
  • Discount to other business services such as: website design and development, as well as online and social media marketing
    Your online presence is key to launching your own business.
  • Design a rewarding career you control, and a thriving business you love!
  • License to use our assessment application
    Providing a customized report for your client often takes time. This app enables you to quickly streamline the process between the initial assessment and write up. Additionally, you will be prepared knowing what to assess on site during your assessment and be clear what is required to generate a detailed report based on your client's specific needs.
  • License to use curated email newsletters, blog posts, and case studies
    This will enable you to create your website with valuable content and ideas that help you establish authority and attract new visitors to your website.
  • Access to the home mod mentor app on your phone Access course information and home mod mentor member support while out in the field.

Become a business owner with autonomy and freedom

The productivity expectations that are placed on a clinical OT can be relentless. Clinical OTs are not able to have control over their schedule, and vacation time can be difficult to obtain.
Owning your home modification consulting business will allow you the autonomy and flexibility you have been looking for.

The home mod mentor program aims to set you up to have a similar business model where you can transition out of the clinical setting and gain control over how you want to approach your work.

Turn your career into a rewarding & purposeful business you love

As an OT, you love what you do and it brings you enormous self-fulfillment. You are able to improve the quality of people's lives. You get to work with the young and the old, your skills are in high demand and at the end of the day, you get to help people build a happier and healthier life in a meaningful way. It's a selfless profession that requires sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

Building your own home modification business

When it comes to building your own home modification business it can be a lot to manage. One advantage of having your own business is that you have total autonomy and control.
We experienced many challenges as well but ultimately creating our own business became incredibly rewarding.
We want to pass on the tools, resources, support, and our coaching to make your goal of owning a home modification consulting business a realty.

Starting your own business can feel daunting

home mods mentor
When it comes to launching a home modification consulting business, and getting paying clients, starting is the hardest part.

With the home mod mentor program you will receive the materials, support, and resources you need to have the confidence and skills to make your home modification consulting business a success.

home mods mentor
The home mod mentor program has been specifically designed to guide and coach you from being an occupational therapist to becoming a successful home modification consultant.
The home mod mentor program feels strongly that health care professionals can be the leaders in the home modification consulting field. 

Your training, years of experience in the clinical setting, and our program will guide your confidence to making appropriate recommendations as a home modification consultant!
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