Four Steps to Marketing Your Home Modification Business

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Four Steps to Marketing Your Home Modification Business
In addition, here are Four Steps to Marketing Your Home Modification Business Today:
First, Adopt the Right Attitude
You may feel as if you are competing for clients and opportunities with every other occupational therapist (OT) in your area. This is a limiting mindset that we would like you to consider adjusting.
Try to think about your business as one without competitors. Instead, think of other professionals as partners. There are clients who need our help—those who contract illnesses, suffer injuries, or are simply part of our elderly population.
Thinking of other occupational therapists in your area as partners rather than competitors allows you to have an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality. Not only does this mindset improve your own outlook, but it will improve your business.
Look for other OTs to connect with and build bridges. That network will help you expand your business.
Adjust How You Think About Failure
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison
When you fail at some portion of growing your business (and you inevitably will), take the lesson and learn from it. Use failure as feedback on how to improve going forward.
Get Clear on Your Niche, Message, Offer, and Result
Who is your primary market? There are so many different types of clients. Is it those who want to age in place, using universal design principles and livable environments? Is it those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and may need highly customized home modifications? Is it those who are living with chronic illnesses and/or limited mobility?
Think about who it is you primarily want to support, and what size market there may be for that type of client in your area. For example, in Hawai'i, we have a relatively large number of injuries from surfing and hiking—both very popular activities here. Your area may have a large retired population may need a different level of service. In addition, think about your experience and background as well as any service gaps that may exist in your area.
What do you want to say to those potential clients? Make sure your marketing message resonates with their needs. What kinds of things do they worry about or have a need for? Use their language and speak to their pain points.
What is your marketing offer? What information can you give them? Maybe a video tutorial about quick ways to improve home safety or a handout of case studies from past clients and creative solutions? What could educate your clients and fill a need of theirs?
What result do you want to achieve? Some of this involves thinking about the financial numbers you need to achieve to create a sustainable business for yourself and anyone who may work for you. Having a target to aim for is important.
4 Steps for Marketing Your Home Modification Business
1. Connect with Complimentary Businesses to Establish Relationships
Building a network of resources for yourself and your clients will only enhance your value as a service provider. Your connections become great sources for future marketing and referrals.
Who are the people you need for projects? You need to connect with several good contractors. You also need to know handymen, draftsmen, architects, engineers (mechanical, electrical, structural), and even interior designers.
How do you find these people?
- Reach out and speak to people you know you want to work with or get a referral from
- Email your contacts to let them know what you are doing in terms of building your business. They can be great sources of referrals as well as connections to other specialists you need to know.
- Do a Google search for people and businesses in your area, and pay attention to reviews.
- Search for organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders for experts in your area.
2. Create and Maintain an Online Presence
Let as many people as possible know about your business!
- Start by adding your new business to your LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile. Social networking is an important way to market a service business.
- Use these social media platforms to connect with some of the contacts that you have already identified. Begin offering thoughtful, useful, or complementary (and complimentary) comments on their content.
- Post images of projects you've worked on or assisted with (maintaining confidentiality). Tell the stories about how you helped clients and talk about the benefits the person now enjoys as a result of that completed project.
- Stay active on social media so that you stay visible.
- Publish your own articles on LinkedIn and Medium that showcase your expertise and potentially draw others to you and your business.
3. Attend Events in Your Industry and Your Area
Look around to see where you could go to speak with people—other occupational therapists or health care professionals as well as the contractors, installers, and draftsmen you might need. Two of the things we've done at Thrive for Life is to get a booth at conferences and then appear on radio stations. You might look for AOTA conferences and events in your area.
Talking with others about options they may not know about, as well as the benefits you provide, will generate business for you.
4. Repeat
You need to continuously keep marketing your home modifications business. As you build your business, you want to start a cycle of the following actions: Find funding sources, build your team, market your company, and repeat. You will need to keep the cycle going, even if you get busy with projects.
Would you like to have a step-by-step plan, along with experienced mentors, to help you start and market your home modification business?
We offer a solid foundation of information, ongoing training, and benefits that will help you succeed. Learn more about our Home Modification Mentor Program.
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