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Learn The Essential Business Skills You Need To Build Your Own Home Modification Consulting Business

If You're Driven To Make Your Business Launch A Success. We'll Support You From The Very Beginning Right Until Your First Paying Customer Says "YES"

The Home Mods Accelerator Course

This course is designed for you to fast track your way to building a successful home modification consulting business... even if you don't have existing business skills.

Here's What You Can Expect Inside The
Home Mods Accelerator Course

  • A Forum To Communicate, Challenge And Learn With Other Students.
  • Monthly Group Training On New Topics Regarding Accessibility, Business Development.
  • All Future Unrestricted Members-Only Training And Materials.
  • Earn Ceus Inside The Program.
  • License To Use Our Assessment Application.
  • License To Use Email Newsletters, Blog Posts, Case Studies That We Curate, And Use For Our Own Business.
  • Access To All Of This In An App On Your Phone That You Can Take With You On The Go, In Your Pocket.
  • Discount To Other Business Services Such As Website Design And Development, Online And Social Media Marketing.


 TFL has a 'can do' attitude, willingness to help, professionalism, and a good follow-up to make sure clients wishes were met.
Chris & Allen
 Thrive For Life is very thorough through the whole process. At first I had no idea what benefits were available for my daughter. I was introduced to TFL and I was guided in the right direction.
Jennifer Lareau
 Damian was always keeping in contact with me and keeping me updated with the process of the home renovations.
Mahea Kanana & Elliot


Why Choose Us

Turn Your Career Into a Rewarding & Lucrative Business You Love

As an OT, you love what you do and I'm sure it brings you enormous self-fulfillment.

You're able to improve the quality of people's lives. You get to work with the young and the old, your skills are in high demand and at the end of the day, you get to help people build a happier and healthier life in a meaningful way.

It's a selfless profession that requires sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

Yet, despite the huge benefits and all of the rewards that come with being an OT, sometimes the work itself, clocking in and out for a job each day and trying to maintain productivity standards can present certain challenges, right?

Building Your Own
Home Modification Business

For most OT's, starting your own business can feel a little daunting. Chances are you've considered starting on your own (or had a go already) but it can feel quite overwhelming?

When it comes to launching a home modification consulting business - and getting actual paying clients - starting is often the hardest part, especially since...

You might have no clue where to begin...

You probably think it will take up too much of your time to start a business (plus you have a job and family to think about)...
You feel a lack of "business Experience" could be a disadvantage...

Or the idea that asserting your authority with different industry experts - like construction and installation workers/consultants - is beyond your capability.

And while these are 100% valid concerns, today, I want to show you how you can overcome all of the things that have been needlessly holding you back.

I'm going to give you step-by-step guidance on how to build a home modification business from scratch that attracts a stream of regular, high-quality clients.

You're going to learn exactly where to begin and how to shortcut the process so you're not wasting weeks, months (or even years!) figuring it out on your own.

This is your opportunity to learn what it takes to start your own business with confidence. You'll also get to hand-pick clients that align with your professional values - finally bringing you the freedom, career satisfaction and income you deserve right now.


12 Oct 2021
Why would you want to have a home mods mentor? A business mentor offers you support and information, and keeps you from making mistakes.
3 Aug 2021
What a good accessible home modification process looks like and how we addressed and corrected a home modification failure from a previous contractor.
13 Jul 2021
Ready to market your home modification business? Start with your offer and putting yourself out there to draw potential clients to your business.

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